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These SnakeX snake repellents have been developed to scare away many kinds of snakes.

Snakes by instinct do not want confrontation and will retreat almost immediately, when the unexpected occurs.

The very latest in snake control, helps to deter problem snakes from around your home.

The most up to date snake repellent available. Easy to use, trouble free, 100% safe to use around other animals and children.

How it works : It sends out a vibration across the ground to warn snakes away, the vibration patterns rotate over a period of time giving out different patterns of vibrations to help remove even the most stubborn of snakes.

Can be used on any ground type, clay, sandy or rocky including paved and concreted areas.

Simple to use simply switch on and place in position, no holes to dig, no batteries to change and waterproof

Easy to move if you wish to mow the lawn.

The snake repeller is quiet and has a red led light that flashes to let you know it is working correctly

Works night and day to protect your home .

The SnakeX repellers come as a box of two snake repeller units to a box - this will usually cover most backyards.

Designed in Australia for Australian Snakes and Australian conditions

A normal house block we suggest two units on in the front one in the back, for higher risk areas four units.

A larger garden the 4-6 units will give good results.

For larger sections we suggest space them at 40 metre intervals around your boundary as a general rule 8 units should give excellent coverage on an acre section.

One unit can and will protect its area well, a circle with a diameter of 40 metres, but we recommend that at least two units be used. To protect larger areas it is recommended that multiple units be placed approx 40 metress apart, to get complete coverage between units for maximum protection, the more units deployed the more effective the result.
The best way to protect your family and pets from dangerous snakes The Snakex Snake Repellent sends out a pulse through the earth that snakes can sense as a possible threat. So making an area where the snakes feel uncomfortable in, so any resident snakes quickly move out and away and any snakes that enter the area pick up on the signals and leave the area, normally never to return.

Snakes use their senses to feel vibrations to either hunt their prey such as small rodents and frogs etc and to sense danger from large predators or the presence of large animals that could injure them, such as horses or cattle.

The SnakeX Solar Powered Snake repeller mimics these vibrations so making the snakes feel unsafe in the area.


These repeller units while they are an effective deterrent they are not 100% foolproof

one should always be aware that unforseen circumstances can occur so you should not be complacent especially

where children are concerned and always take all precautions possible.


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Below are some of the snake species commonly found in the Australia that you should protect your home from.

Eastern Brown Snake - Dugite - Copperhead - Tiger snake - Rough scaled snake - Taipan - Death Adder - Red Bellied black Snake

The SnakeX Snake Repeller is the quickest safest way to get rid of snakes from around your home, Some species of snake may react differently but appear to leave the coverered area.

The SnakeX Solar Snake Repeller is completely safe to use around children and pets the only thing it affects is snakes. / / / / / / / / /

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